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Fri Dec 6 17:24:55 PST 1996

>Amra's Really Out-of-Date Shield Explanation & Mis-Guided Glossary

>"Wankel" ~= heater in which all three outer edges are arcs (no straight 
>edge). In combat, gains some of the advantages of the heater without needing 
>tremendous re-training from roundshield habits.
>Popular in Ansteorra c. AS XIV; Cf. HE Jan {~w}Orzeldom, possibly best-known 
>proponent and user of this form.

*Jan* was a proponent of wankels shields?? I recall his Polish wing shield,
I don't recall him using a wankel.

IIRC, Sir Balthasar was really up on wankels before he got esoteric and
moved away.

They were an import from Atenveldt, and popular in this area for a while,
before people started using "barn doors".

     -Tivar Moondragon

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