Mead Brewing?

Mark Harris mark_harris at
Mon Dec 9 09:18:26 PST 1996

Pug and others have been discussing the Specific Gravity (S. G.) of
> > In those cases had the yeast gotten to alcohol tolerence or simply
> > ran out of food/sugar? Since most wine references I seen suggest to
> > get the SG down as close to 1.000 as possible, I would think that
> > they simply didn't have any more sugar to convert.
> I think that you are right.  Some yeasts have been known to tolerate 
> 30% alcohol.

I've never made such measurements in the mead I've made. Are you saying
that as the sugar is used up the S. G. approaches 1.0? Is this reading
affected only by the sugar content? Or do other things that have been
added affect it also? If 1.0 means no sugar then that would be a very
dry mead. What kind of numbers should one expect to see:
a) at the first, when you start brewing?
b) at the end for a sweet mead?
c) at the end for a dry mead?
d) are the numbers similar for wines?

  Stefan li Rous

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