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A number of you are NOT on my funny list, but these are such a hoot,
I could not resist spreading them far and wide.

						---= Morgan

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Forwarded from the West mailing list...hope you enjoy it as much as I did


Danger! Danger! Run Will, run!
Aoog!! Aooga!!

The Chirugeon General's Warning: Excessive consumption of puns may be
harmful to your bladder.

I accept no blame but take all the credit.


- Belted: a knight who had to much to drink
- Unbelted: arrrived at the party too late
- Vambrace: what Van Damme wears on his knee
- Sword: what happens to your thigh when your shield work is lousy
- Laurel: a Hardy individual
- Peer: found in restrooms acrosss the country
- Axe: what you need to do in order to get an answer
- Tunica: an Country near Libica. Re: Tunic Wars.
- Kilt: what the Scot did to the English fop
- King: "Sit, King! Sit! Good boy!"
- Prince: SEE: King.
- Pelican: the pell you can't!
- Caid: a cowboy term of excitement... yippy ai oh, Caid!
- Outlands: right next door to Innylands.
- West: What Wobin Hood wequired after wescuing Maid Mawion.
- Ansteorra: What Senora An, the flamenco dancer, wears on her head.
- An Tir: What an weeping person has.
- Constable: someone oppossed to housing horses indoors
- Bridge battle: when you try to wear your wife's partial false teeth
- Roman: the urge to walk around and incorporate countries
- Hoopalaunde: Hopalong's big brother
- Viking: sort of like a Viscount only better
- Medieval: not quite evil enough
- Greave: what you do when the goldfish floats
- Count: Scots for "can not". Ex; "Ah count dew et! Ets tew beg, ah teel ya!"
- Duke: "In coming!"
- Rattan: Most of these jokes are rattan and stinking up the place.
- Monarch: A creature that flutters by every 6 months except in certain parts
of California where they flit past every 4 months.
- Short sword: It's not the size, it's how you use it.
- Coif: A knightly hairstyle.
- Cuir boulli: Monsieur Boulii was very happy when he was cured.
- Scabbard: An Egyptian bug worn by soldiers.
- Duke: A person from Earl.
- Earl: What "y" haters are when they are not tard.
- Consort: What the victors of Crown Tourney want to do after the reveling.
- Lay On!: What they shout right before consorting.
- SCA fighting: The only place where grown men can hit each other with sticks
and not get arrested.
- Chronicler: Someone who continually writes and won't stop.
- Seneschal: A cloak of office.
- Brigade: what military prisoners drink
- Period camp: what Shakespeare wrote
- Mead: a Viking contraction of: me need. Usage: "Mead a drink!"

Sheridan Hibernicus O'Neill

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