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Mon Dec 9 14:23:04 PST 1996

OK, this may sound like a goofy question, but ...

What do you heavy fighters eat before practice/tourney/war?

I've always had general energy level problems in athletics that I've
combatted with diet/aerobic exercise regimens to varying degrees of success.
Armored combat has been no different for me.

So what do YOU eat on the day before/day of combat? Pasta? Peanut butter?
Bean burrito? Carrots? Orange juice? Power bars? What quantities? What do
you think of things like ginsing or that energy paste stuff that long
distance runners use?

Talk to me!

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Greeting Gnith!

          I am not a fighter, however, I am a fighter's wife.  I also
          feed many fighters in camp before the tourney's, war's, ect.
          My husband, as well as some of you other fighters out there,
          (you know who you are!)  really resist eating anything
          before a tourney.  I have found that I can usually get them
          to eat oatmeal if it's doctored up right.  Boil your oatmeal
          and then add honey, mashed bananas, diced apples, brown
          sugar, any or all of the above.  I wouldn't eat too much,
          but it's better than having dry heaves from fighting too
          long and not eating anything.  I also try to keep plain old
          bananas with us in case there's no time for cooking.

          Hope this helps!

          Rhiain ferch Muirgheal (Tor's wife)

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