Yule Revels

Galen of Bristol pmitchel at flash.net
Mon Dec 9 22:27:32 PST 1996

E.Preston III & Shelly K Walker wrote:
> >From this poor soul who attended no yule revels this weekend, how went
> Wasteland and Weisenfeuer?
> Don't forget the details!
> Britta the Red

Dragonsfire Tor was a great time!  Congratulations to Lady Rhiain, the new (and
first) Artisan of the Tor, and Lady Margaret Pierce (oooh, I hope I got that
name right) the new Artisan of Elfsea.

Also to _Lord_ Lothar (my squire), _Lord_ Julian (3 Bridges' first indigenous
AoA), and _Lady_ Gwynedd, the _Hon._ Lady Dana mac an Ghaban, CSM, and all
the other honorees and award recipients!

- Galen
Guardian of the Tor
Bard of the Tor
Viscount Galen of Bristol, KSCA, CSM, etc.
Paul Mitchell, pmitchel at flash.net / "noblesse oblige"

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