Yule Revels

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At 10:24 PM 12/9/96 -0600, you wrote:
>Well, either no one is responding about the Wastelands or Weisenfeurer
>Yule Revels, or my server isn't working correctly.
>I asked last night how those respective yules went and got no responses!
>I'd had to think they were not worth mentioning!
>Britta the Red
Wiesenfeuer Yule went great.  Even though we had to move it a week earlier
due to a conflict with the hall (nat. guard scheduled a drill on our
weekend).  The food was grand as usual, more meat was brought than could be
consumed.  NO ONE left saying that they were hungry.  Evening court was
nice with several awards being given out,  perhaps Baroness Kat could list
them as my memory is not very good with names.  Probably been hit in the
head one time to many.  I hope that the Wastelands yule went as well as ours.

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