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Tue Dec 10 20:20:56 PST 1996

This is part two of the European Dance Schedule announcement for the upcoming
Known World Dance Symposium to be held January 30th-February 2nd, by Saltare,
the Meridies Kingdom Dance Guild and The Barony of Axemoor just outside of

(For information on Friday activities, please see part one of this

Saturday February 1st

8:00 am-  ROOM A  Ann's Courante - Katrina of Iron Mountain- (Intermediate to
advanced skill level please)  Mistress Katrina teaches this popular SCA
Choreographed Dance which features steps in the period popular form known as
the Courante.

               ROOM B  Congratulations, You Already Know 16c. Italian Dances,
No Really!- Sion Andreas o Wynedd- (All skill Levels including Beginners
invited) This class introduces you to the most basic Italian steps and
figures, and prepares you for more advanced classes during the day.

               LECTURE  Survey of European Dance Sources - Janelyn of Fenmere
& Trahaearn ap leuan- An overview of the history of European Dance based on
primary sources.  Very informative for those researching.

9:00 am-  ROOM A  Beginning English Country Dance - Giles Hill of Sweetwater.
(All skill levels invited).  Master Giles takes you through the basics of
English Country Dance.  A great beginning to taking the other ECD classes
offered during the symposium.

               ROOM B  Some Dirt Simple 16c. Italian Dances - Sion -
(Intermediate skill or Sion's earlier class)  This class builds on the skills
learned during "Congratulations, You Already Know 16c Italian Dances, No

               ROOM C  Burgundian Basse Dance - Roselynde de l'Estrangere &
Daniele di Padola- (Intermediate skill level please)  This class features
15th century dances from the Brussels and Toulouze manuscripts.  Come learn
this important dance form.

10:30 am-ROOM A  Dances from Arbeau - Katrina - (All skill Levels invited).
 Katrina explores the many types of dances that are featured in
Orchesography, such as Pavans, Allemandes, and Bransles.

               ROOM B  Basic 15c. Italian Balli- Giuseppe Francesco da
Borgia- (All skill levels invited.)  This class will teach you the basic
steps and dances that make up 15c Italian Dance.

               ROOM C  A Reconstruction Workshop- Justin du Coeur- (All skill
levels invited)  This beginning to intermediate level workshop will offer a
hands on chance to reconstruct a dance from period sources.

12 Noon - LUNCH BREAK (Lunch will be served on site as a fund raiser.)

1:00 pm-  ROOM A  Intermediate English Country Dance - Giles- (Intermediate
level or Beginning English Country Dance please.)  Giles continues his
English Country Dance teaching with more complex and fun dances.

               ROOM B  Introduction to Cascarda - Sion - (Intermediate level
or prior 16c. Italian classes please.)  This class will introduce the
choreographic theory behind Caroso's construction of a cascarda with

             LECTURE  A Dance Master's Guide, Or How to be a Good Dance
Master/Mistress Without Becoming a Nazi or a Font of Non-Period Dance
Misinformation, and Still Have Fun - Silvija the Landlady- This is an applied
dance teaching and theory class.  A must for would-be or current dance

2:00 pm-  ROOM B  Italian 15c. Style - Rosina del Bosco Chiaro- (Good
familiarity with 15c. Italian Dance or Basic 15c. Italian Balli Class please)
 This class goes beyond just steps and patterns to cover the styles and
manner of 15c Italian dance.

               ROOM C  Dances from the Inn's of Court Manuscript - Janelyn &
Trahaearn- (Intermediate level or Dances from Arbeau Class please)  This
class features pavans and almans from the Solemn Revells.  

2:30 pm-  ROOM A  Pre-Baroque French Peasant Dances - Silvija- (Intermediate
to Advanced level please.)  When Catherine de Medici was queen of France, she
was fond of dancing, and especially enjoyed productions of peasant dances.
 This class focuses on dances such as might have been seen by Catherine in
her court.

4:00 pm-  ROOM A  Advanced English Country Dance- Giles - (Advanced level or
Beginner's and Intermediate English Country Dance classes, please.)  Master
Giles finishes the day with these complex but fun English Country Dances.

             LECTURE  Starting a Dance Guild - Katrina- This class discusses
how to start an active dance guild in your local group or even kingdom.
 Mistress Katrina was a founder of the Iron Mountain Dance Guild and a
charter member of Saltare, the Meridies Kingdom Dance Guild, and the
sponsoring group for this event.

7:00 pm- Feast and Grand Ball "Carnival"-  The feast will be served buffet
style so that people can go between eating and dancing.  The ball will be a
masked event with a Carnival theme and will feature dances learned during the
Symposium.  Live musicians will provide the music.

Sunday February 2nd

9:30 am-  Caroso Ball Demonstration- Mara Tudora Kolarova-  Countess Mara
presents her demonstration of various styles of dance in a period ball
setting.  This demonstration will feature live musicians and can serve as a
prototype for conducting SCA balls in period style.

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