European Dance Schedule Known World Dance Symposium (pt. 1)

Tue Dec 10 20:20:50 PST 1996

Here is the long awaited posting for European Dance Schedule at the upcoming
Known World Dance Symposium to be held January 30-February 2nd by Saltare,
the Meridies Kingdom Dance Guild, and the Barony of Axemoor near NEW ORLEANS

Note:  This is part 1.  Part 2 with Saturday and Sunday's schedule is in a
separate announcement. 

(Site opens Thursday evening)

Friday January 31st-

10:00 am - English Country Dance for Two Couples- Giuseppe Francesco da
               Borgia.  (All Skill Levels Invited)  Messer Giuseppe from
Trimaris conducts a class on English Country Dance for sets of two couples.
 Dances range from simple to fairly complex.

11:00 am- Focus on Bransles- Signy Dimmeradalea.  (All Skill Levels Invited)
 Respected researcher and teacher Mistress Signy reopens the book on
bransles, and her fresh research yields surprises in many SCA standards.

12 Noon-  Lunch Break (Lunch will be served on site as a fundraiser.)

1:00 pm-  European Peasant Dances- Silvija the Landlady- (All Skill Levels
This is a sampler of some of the oldest surviving styles of dance in Europe.
 Many of these features indicating Medieval or Renaissance origins, some much
older, possibly even predating Christianity's advent. 

2:00 pm-  A Choreography Workshop- Sion Andreas o Wynedd, Rosina del Bosco
Chiaro, Giuseppe Francesco da Borgia.  (Intermediate Level please)  This trio
of Dance Laurels will conduct this special 2 1/2 hour workshop that will
combine information on How to Choreograph along with examples of each of
their works.  Attendees are welcome to bring their own works for

7:30 pm-  SCA Favorite Dances- This Friday nite revel will feature live
musicians playing dances by request, as we enjoy favorite dances from as done
around the Known World.

(This ends the Friday European activities.  Check part 2 of this missive for
Saturday and Sunday's schedule.)

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