Fighter Food!

Keith Ewing keandbc at
Wed Dec 11 09:48:42 PST 1996

You wrote: 
>Greetings Cosyns,
>Lyonel here.

>It's too complicated to go much into details here, but I found most of 
>answers in a book, _The Zone_, by Barry Sears.  Sears advocates a 
program of
>balanced whereby you receive 30% of your calories from protein, 40% 
>carbs, and 30% from fat.  
>Sir Lyonel Oliver Grace
>PS--Kein, why would you want to drink the blood of losers?
>Lyonel :^>

8oz. has three protein blocks. I chase it with a bowl of oatmeal with a 
small blob of butter and get a zone favorable meal. 

Besides. They weren't losers till they met me. :)

(Who is having entirely too much fun with this weird little thread.)

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