Mooneschadowe War Practice

Richard L. Rohde talen at
Wed Dec 11 13:10:41 PST 1996

Greetings to all!

The Shire of Mooneschadowe (Stillwater, OK) will be holding melee war
practice this Sunday (12/15/96) starting at noon.  This will be the last
war practice this month, and the third since our Prince requested them.  We
have been averaging 18 armored fighters and a few archers.  I expect this
one to be larger, weather permitting.

Come prepared to learn as well as fight.  We run scenarios with reviews
after each battle.  Commanders change after each scenario.  Experienced and
inexperienced work side by side and command is given without regard to
previous experience.  We want you to learn!  We usually run between 8-10
battles and average practice is 3-4 hours.

Practice will be held at Boomer Lake Park (west side, large pavilion).  For
most of you, that means take your best route to Stillwater. From Highway 51
go North on Main street until you pass the Army Reserve Armory.  At the
bottom of the hill turn into the park and follow the road as it curves
North. It's pavilion #2.  From Cimarron Turnpike take Stillwater exit and
go through toll booth (unmanned, exact change either .50 or .65) and
continue in on Highway 177.  Follow this road no matter what straight into
Stillwater.  Before you reach the armory you will see the park entrance. 
Follow directions above.

Weather is supposed to be good.  Default for inclement weather is
MicroTutors in the Cimarron Shopping Plaza about 1-1.5 miles south of park.
It's the computer store just north of Hancock's Fabric Store.  We'll either
discuss tactics & strategy in the classroom or move to an as yet
undetermined gym for indoor fighting (I hope).

We look forward to seeing you here December 15th!

Centurion Talen Gustaf von Marienburg
"Cry havoc, and let slip the dogs of war"
talen at

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