Fighter Food!

maddie teller-kook meadhbh at
Wed Dec 11 19:39:01 PST 1996

Heidi J Torres wrote:

> Earl Kein, I think I can save you a bit of time at breakfast.  I have my
> grandmother's recipe for a blood pudding made with -- you guessed it --
> blood, oatmeal, butter and honey.  This was a real favorite back home in
> the misty hills of Gwynedd, tho we usually used *fresh* blood from a bull or
> milk-cow.  Now, while I've never tried this delicacy with a warrior's
> blood -- especially not reconstituted warrior's blood -- if you'll
> provide that ingredient, I'll be happy to make it for you.
> By the way, after it's congealed (heh, heh), you can fry the stuff in
> butter like pancakes.  Yummy!  (Really.)
> So Kein, when can I expect you for breakfast?

hmmmm....i've been thinking about tackling this as a project.....
wonder where i can get the ingredients?


this could be fun AND it is very irish!!!!
> Mari

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