Shower for Magda, Jeremy's Lady

Elizabeth Crouchet ecs at
Wed Dec 11 23:43:00 PST 1996

     Yes it's shower time! 
     Lady Claire and Lady Elizabeth will be hosting a baby/maternity shower 
     for Magda (aka the Baron's boopsy) ;-)
     Sunday Dec 14
     ALL ladies are invited (Guys you will get a co-ed chance in the 
     This shower is for Mandy and the baby, we can tease Jeremy later.
     BTW, they are having a little girl.
     Time 1:30 to 4:00 pm
     Sun Dec 15
     Come for Tea (mundane, nice casual dress)
     Chez Dore: 710 Shade Tree Dr, Austin Texas
     Call Claire for info, to RSVP or ideas 280-3591
     Yes this is the day after Yule Revel.
     See you there!

I hear the guys will be in the park so we will be left alone to talk 
about them!

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