SCA near Rice University?

Paul Shore shore at
Thu Dec 12 07:16:31 PST 1996

On  8 Aug 96 at 10:36, Burke McCrory wrote:

> Mooneshadowe was started by a group of gamers.  Master William
> Blackfox came to OSU to attend a wargaming con in full SCA garb (he
> was ofcourse there to play Kingmaker!!).
Sir Burke modestly does not mention that he beat Master William at 
Kingmaker that weekend.

> Later in spring of 79 a group attended the first Aten-Middle war. 
> The group got started officailly that summer.  Of the original
> people at OSU in 79 only 4 are still active.  Lord Amra in Steppes,
> Master Tarl in Namron, Lord Valadonis in the wet i think, and
> myself.
I remember Ld Haldane as becoming active that summer.

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