Fighter Food!

maddie teller-kook meadhbh at
Thu Dec 12 07:29:33 PST 1996

Nathan Jones wrote:
> Meadhbh wrote:
> >hmmmm....i've been thinking about tackling this as a project.....
> >wonder where i can get the ingredients?
> Any good Asian market should have frozen pig blood.  Or, if you aren't
> sure about trusting your local Asian market, just ask the butcher at
> the supermarket.  If he doesn't carry it, he might know of who does.

ya know..I am losing my ability to sound sarchastic...jeesh.  Thanks for
the tip.  I actually began mulling this idea around when Rosario and I
went to an Oriental market here and saw buckets of pigs blood.  Blood
sausage came to mind.....Gunnora and I have been talking about it! Could
be a fun project!!!!!
> >this could be fun AND it is very irish!!!!
> Yep, and blood is an overlooked period food source in the SCA.

an excellent concentrated source of nutrients.

hugs back..


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