Peerage Stuff Re: Why I Hate Fencing

maddie teller-kook meadhbh at
Thu Dec 12 07:27:11 PST 1996

Nathan Jones wrote:
> Me:
> >p.s.  And the purpose of this letter is not to suck up to the
> Peerages, it's
> >>not, it's not, it's not!  *grin*
> Rhiain:
> >          SURE GIO!!!!  I **KNOW** how you are!  All you do is suck
> >          up, suck up, suck up. *grin*
> Who me?!  Poor little ol'Gio without a belt to his name?  *evil grin*

*evil grin* my foot!!!! Show up here for Candlemas and you will get one!
> >          Really though, e-mail me you phone no. "MISTRESS" Mari was
> >          looking for it and I didn't have it to give to her.
> >          (She must be needing some flesheater input.)**big grin**
> Hmmm...that reminds me, Mari is down to one apprentice, and a rarely
> active apprentice at that!  Hmmm....  *very evil grin*

how evil do you wanna be?????? (grin)


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