Fighter Food!

V. Allan Endel endel at
Thu Dec 12 08:54:22 PST 1996

>I think I would like to take just a moment to say something....
>Cant you guys just write a paper about it??(publish it in a trade journal...
>maybe something in a dentists office) I mean I've even fixed dye with
>urine(just try not to think about it when I wear it), but between you,
>Meadhbh, and Kein, I can hardly keep my twinkies down. ~burp~
>And to think other Kingdoms wonder at our hardiness in battle... they just
>dont eat with us!
>Melio est dare quam recipere.
Don't forget the words to "The Rising of the Star"--"Don't pack us any
baskets we'll just eat their dead for lunch"!

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