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Thu Dec 12 10:08:56 PST 1996

On Thu, 12 Dec 1996, Nathan Jones wrote:

> Stefan li Rous wrote:
> >Does anyone know where I can get eel (fresh or frozen) so I can try
> >making a medieval eel dish?
> This is exactly what I was thinking when I saw this letter!  I've heard 
> rumors that you can get canned eel in some Anglophile stores (A Taste 
> of England or similar named stores).  I've also heard that eel is 
> gio

>>Mari wrote: I've eaten eel at Japanese restaurants/sushi bars.
>>          However, the eel used in sushi has been barbequed or
>>          smoked (I think) then prepared with a sweet soy/sesame
>>          sauce.  It's delish!  Thus, while investigating oriental
>>          food markets for same, I found canned preserved eel, and
>>          even succeeded

  If any of you are ever in Arlington, there is a wonderful place
          called the Hong Kong Market which carries LIVE eel, crab,
          squid, etc.  They also have a fantastic array of canned and
          dried foods and stuff you can't find anywhere else.  It's on
          the South end of Park Row, but North of I-20.

          Hope this helps.


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