Blood Puddings...Yummy!

Baker, Mike mbaker at
Thu Dec 12 11:55:00 PST 1996

Blood Pudding:

I'LL try it. (Just don't ask Llereth & Martin to watch.) But, then, it has 
been claimed that I would eat almost anything that doesn't move fast enough 
at least twice.

(The first time the cook may have had an off day, etc.)

Tried beets, mildly allergic to bell pepper: otherwise, yep, I'll try 
anything COOKED at least once. Still tend to draw the line at "raw meat", 
for a variety of health reasons...

Still, considering my mundane given name, I must protest that the kid in the 
commercials nearly ruined my life... hmmm. Gunthar, you & me *gotta* talk, 

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Subject: Blood Puddings...Yummy!
Date: Thursday, December 12, 1996 12:15PM

Y'know, I've been trying to think of just ONE more dish for Coronation....

Who's game?



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