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Baker, Mike mbaker at
Thu Dec 12 11:57:00 PST 1996

Gio, Gio, Gio:

She did NOT say that it would be a belt you could wear around your 
midsection, now *did* she?

(at least in the quoted message...)

<gratuitous stirring of the pot & GRYN>

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From: ansteorra
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Subject: Re: Peerage Stuff      Re: Why I Hate Fe
Date: Thursday, December 12, 1996 12:21PM

I wrote:
>> Who me?!  Poor little ol'Gio without a belt to his name?  *evil

Dearest, darling Meadhbh wrote:
>*evil grin* my foot!!!! Show up here for Candlemas and you will get

But then I wouldn't get to bitch and moan about how I don't have one!
Or attack new peers during their vigils playing practical jokes about
wanting to be their apprentice!



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