eel dishes

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Thu Dec 12 12:01:10 PST 1996

Mark Harris wrote:

> >>>>
> I would like to try eel. It was apparently fairly common and was raised
> in mill ponds much as we raise catfish today. Has anyone every served
> it at an SCA feast?

I don't think it has been or will be served at an SCA feast. For one, I
don't think many mundane palates would try it and it is probably too
expensive for the feast budget.  As for eating it, I have had eel in the
form of sushi.  I love it.  To buy it?  I am not sure where to get it.
you can check at central market or quality seafood and see if they would
order it special.  I know eel is a popular food from the british

good luck.
> Does anyone know where I can get eel (fresh or frozen) so I can try
> making a medieval eel dish?
> Thanks.
>   Stefan li Rous

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