Bardic Circles at Events

DEIDRA L GOUGH cat_eyes at
Thu Dec 12 18:13:07 PST 1996

You know, I have autocrated several events for this Barony since I've
been in Ansteorra. It never fails to amaze when someone approaches me,
asking if I'm  planning a bardic circle.
I'm not one for planning anything. My events come off woefully
disorganized. I find it difficult to organize a drive across town. Maybe
this is why this question surprises me.  Every time.
Somehow, though, I don't think bardic circles should be organized by the
I guess this is not something that should be anymore organized that 
stacking wood in a circle of stones.  Most of the events I've attended
usually end up in a bardic circle. I for one prefer more belly dancing
around the fire, but the premise is the same.

It does not take an autocrat to make a bardic circle-- It takes someone
singing a song, or telling a story, or pounding on a drum.

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