Prowess- Is that all??

Pug Bainter pug at
Fri Dec 13 05:49:18 PST 1996

> Did anyone take the time to read the introduction in the newest "Complete
> Anachronist", vol 88-- "Beyond Prowess"?? 
> I did. Found out that according to Maurice Keen in his book "Chivalry",
> prowess, skill at arms and strength of body, is only the first of six
> virtues necessary to become a knight.
> Very interesting. Subconsciously, I thing i knew this.  Made me rather
> curious though. Prowess is the only one mentioned. What are the other
> five?

Good Morning,

  I can't remember them all right now. (I can't be that old yet.) I know
  Sir Conor did a series on all 6 of them in the local newsletter. I
  will chase it down and, with his permission, send them out here for
  people to read. The problem is that my computer and office are
  currently in disarray due to moving. It may not be til the first of
  the year. (Since if it doesn't happen by next Thursday, I'll be
  out of state.)


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