Why Drumming Kills a Bardic Circle

Chris Walden cmwalden at flash.net
Fri Dec 13 03:42:46 PST 1996

On 13 Dec 96 Baker, Mike wrote:
> A known time "limit" (try to keep it a broad enough guideline to allow for 
> storytellers, singers, dancers, drummers, etc.) for each individual / group 
> can be the most useful of the tools for keeping a circle a polite gathering 
> to be enjoyed by all.

At open mike nights for comedy clubs they have the MC shine a flash
light toward you.  (The audience can't tell because of the stage
lighting.)  Getting the light means "wrap it up."  Full MC's
discretion.  Not quite what we're used to, but there's real-life

Bryn Gwlad

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