The Drum Controversy Continued On and On

Paulette L Ogg oggb at
Mon Dec 16 03:41:50 PST 1996

>Lady Gwendolene, I hope that you do continue drumming.  I hope you 
>improve your skills until you are the kind of performer that you dream
>being.  I also hope that you will look over my past posts more closely. 
>issue is obviously near and dear to your heart, and you seem to have
>things somewhat out of context in some instances, overlooked or ignored 
>information in others, and been far too willing to assume personal
insults where 
>none were offered nor intended.  Good luck.
>Wassail and Gud Jul, 

In consideration of all those out there that pay by the e-mail this is my
last missive on this and maybe any other subject.   

1) First and foremost I never said I was a drummer, I'm one of the "half
naked writhing dancers", so yes I do feel I had the right to say
something.  I dress in Traditional middle eastern clothing, that means I
am covered, the only thing that could be considered exposed is a small
portion of the top of my breast. I also have danced professionally in the
"mundane world".

2) I have gone over your posts and they seem to be filled with just as
much insult as you seem to  see in mine.

3) All I have been saying, if you cared to see it, was to give ALL
PERFORMERS, no matter what kind they are, the respect due anyone willing
to steel their courage and stand up in front of a group of people and
preform, and if you can't /won't help you have no right to say anything. 
And yes help could be as simple as telling a group of drummers it is a
little late to continue to drum with a little kindness, the same you
would give any other bard. 

I guess there is no solution to this problem, and I see it was useless to
say anything in the first place.  I should have known better, that it
would do no good.

HL Gwendolene McIver 

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