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Mark Harris mark_harris at quickmail.sps.mot.com
Mon Dec 16 08:14:16 PST 1996


I am forwarding to here an email message I got from an individual who
saw some of my SCA Rialto Files on the Web. I thought some of you might
be interested. (Diarmuit, are you out there?)

I've asked him for more bibliographic info on the book and whether he
sells the output of his tannery to individuals. 

From: david.nelson at anestgsi.uu.se
To: markh at risc.sps.mot.com
Date: Sat, 14 Dec 1996 23:22:39 +0100
Subject: leather tanning

Noticed an inquiery concerning information on brain tanning.I have
written a book on the subject which has recently been translated from
Swedish to english. I have a small tannery in Sigtuna,Sweden where i tan
using only traditional methods such as brain and bark tanning. I also
hold courses on the subject.

Lotta Rahme.
LŒnggatan 9,
s- 19330 Sigtuna,

The book can be found at http:/www.teleport.com/~tcl/index.html

Stefan li Rous

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