Gold Lame' joke

Scot Eddy seddy at
Mon Dec 16 08:23:15 PST 1996

Greetings Ches,

Yes, I know that the post was intended as a joke. In fact it had the 
intended reaction; I laughed. I found it funny. The more I thought 
about it, though, the more I thought that the topic could be 
discussed. There are several problems that SCAdians have. One of the 
more annoying is that we are reenacting nobles on a middle clas 
budget. Therefore I thought that it wouldn't hurt to start a 
discussion on cloth of gold. Hopefully there is someone out there who 
can add more evidence to mine or correct my mistake.

I did not take offense at the post. Please, keep putting humorous 
items on the net if they are of a "period" nature.

Grace and Peace,

Jovian Skleros

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