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Countess Berengaria here, a lurker:

On Wed, 11 Dec 1996, Nathan Jones wrote:

> Our Clare wrote:
> >In response to your comment about giving Peerages to a person who is of
> >Peer Quality; there is a Simple Patent of Arms that can be given out in
> >many kingdoms.  We used to have one and I frankly have not kept up with
> >it's life.
> Hmmm...the only person I know of who has a Simple Patant of Arms is 
> Constance St.Dunston down in Bjornsborg.  And that was given, what, about 
> twenty years ago?    No, more than that, it was after she was Princess of 
> the Principality.  
It would be nice if this simple Patent concept could be re-opened, much
as a simple Grant can be given; what sort of incentive would it take to
cause this to happen?  Opinions?

There are a few individuals I can think of who don't necessarily *do*
any one thing at a skill level of mastery, but nevertheless are such
significantly peerlike beings that eventually a peerage is sort of
jammed on to fit from one of the orders.  A simple Patent would enable
monarchs to be able to make peers the people who are peers without being
"masters".  If this is making any sense at 8:45 a.m. sans cafe.

> >I tend to agreed with Savein and I would like to think that people know me
> >as a Peer, treat me with that respect without regard to what kind of Peer I
> >am.  I think that is the greatest honor --- to be held in respect because
> >of how people think of me and not what award I hold.
> Hear, hear! 
> Let me digress a moment:
>  I was cured very early on of Peer Fear.  I tend to think of Peers as 
> Kingdom resources, valued for their knowledge.  There is a joke that once 
> one is made a Peer all the knowledge in the universe descends upon them, but 
> with the curse of not being able to communicate most of it!  *grin*  The sad 
> part of that is, I think, it does reflect what many of the people mistakenly 
> think of our Peers.  These are the same people who hold Peers on such high 
> pedestals that they would never think of approaching one with a question.  
As a peer, I am constantly in contact with discussion about "peer fear",
but I never had it myself.  The peers, when I was untitled pond scum,
seemed to me to be the most interesting people who were always busy
*doing* something.  As a "doer", not a "watcher" myself, I always wanted
to be where the action was.  I can recall that for almost all of the time
prior to my elevation to the Order of the Pelican, I never thought in
terms of "someday that might be me" or "someday that will be me".  I
just wanted to be around people who were busy doing something and enjoyed
that activity (and still do). That goes for anyone, peer or not.

It's sort of hard for me to keep in mind "peer fear" as a motivation.
I've come across areas where there are streaks of outright "peer hate"
often because of the perception of political motivation in every 
action, even where none exists.  It always saddens me to see this kind
of breakdown in communication, and I try to rectify it where I can.
But I just don't see myself as someone to be "afraid" of; when Queen,
I strove to be approachable, except at times when horrendously busy.

I'm curious:  is there anyone out there reading this now who has or had
a genuine bottomline case of peer fear?  What is the dialogue that runs
through your head as to why you cannot approach someone with a peerage
to ask them a question or favor or for assistance, even if they are the
person best qualified to offer it?

> But, even though I know that our Peers are all too human, I still have a 
> huge respect for those who have been recognized on that level.  They inspire 
> me to become more active in the running of things in the Kingdom and to play 
> better and more accuratly.  
> Gio
> p.s.  And the purpose of this letter is not to suck up to the Peerages, it's 
> not, it's not, it's not!  *grin*
As someone not of your kingdom, it doesn't strike me as sucking up at all.
Your postings seem to indicate someone very nice, on the contrary!

Countess Berengaria de Montfort de Carcassonne, OP

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