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Tue Dec 17 13:14:10 PST 1996

SierraSunset wrote:

> I'm curious:  is there anyone out there reading this now who has or had
> a genuine bottomline case of peer fear?  What is the dialogue that runs
> through your head as to why you cannot approach someone with a peerage
> to ask them a question or favor or for assistance, even if they are 

  I USED to.  My feeling was generally awe and a serious dose of
self-consciousness. The dialogue went something like, "I wasn't as GOOD
(in _every_ sense of the word) as they were and they had such power."  I
think a lot of this came from the attitude my ex had about them. 
Basically what changed me was getting to know them.  Sir Galen, Master
Tivar, Mistress Aethelian are the first ones I got to know.  Then there
was Master Iolo and Sir Pendaren.  These good nobles did a great deal
for me in helping me realize my own worth as an individual.   So I guess
when I got into a relationship with one (Mistress Gunnora) I was cured
of the fear. Then, I found that I had some of the best friends in the
world that I have ever had. Most of these people are the most helpful
and insightful people in the world.  You need to know something that is
period, any of them are willing to help.

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