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Tue Dec 17 14:18:53 PST 1996

> It would be nice if this simple Patent concept could be re-opened, much
> as a simple Grant can be given; what sort of incentive would it take to
> cause this to happen?  

I guess my previous post to this list didn't make it out properly.

It's not that it's "closed", in the sense that an order is closed but
may concievably be reopened someday.  Corpora requires that each
Patent of Arms be given with a Laurel, Pelican, Chivalry, Ducal
or County or Viscounty rank, or the Rose; it forbids "naked"
peerages.  (Aodhan posted that at least one person in the
Ansteorran OP is listed as a "naked peer".  That's because the East
(was it?) gives Patents with counties, but Ansteorra doesn't,
so he had to have some way to record the Patent with her.
Or so I recall.)

Since it's in Corpora, the Board would have to change it.  I suspect
it would be a major change and would require a lot of work.  If you're
really interested, I'd suggest talking to the Grand Council or the
Inter-Kingdom Advisory Council.  I would expect to work for several
years, or possibly to be shot down on takeoff.

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