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Tue Dec 17 21:23:58 PST 1996

>Hmmmmm. That's a tough one. I've been playing for only about a year, so the
>thought of me walking up to Duke so-n-so and asking his advice on oh,
>footwork or some such makes me want to cringe. The group I play with has a
>Knight and a Laurel who are very active (it's a small barony),and I talk to
>them all the time. I guess that's a little different, since we're on a first
>name basis and see each other (almost) every week. Both are great people who
>are most willing to help me or answer questions I might have. I've meet some
>other Knights (I'm a heavy fighter) who now know me by name, but I don't
>feel very comfortable just striking up a converstion with one. This is'nt
>their fault. I guess I'm a little shy. Sometimes the SCA seems like a grade
>school with the Peers as the teachers and us little tykes the students.(hey,
>I like that!) It's just easier to talk to your peers (little p) who only
>have an AOA or maybe a H.L., than someone you know only by a big reputation.

If you want help from a duke, find one who's doing pickups, and ask him to
fight you, mentioning that you'd love to learn anything he can teach...

wham, fight, teach and conversation all in one sweaty timeslice!


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