Peer Fear (was: Re: Peerage Stuff Re: Why I Hate Fencing)

SusanKFord at SusanKFord at
Tue Dec 17 23:33:54 PST 1996

I used to be pretty nervous around peers and nobility. However, bit by bit
most of my friends BECAME peers and nobility, so I'm getting over it!  :) I
had a five year layout in the SCA due to mundanities, and when I came back,
many of my old friends had become peers, especially laurels. I kinda get a
kick out of seeing some of their stuff and saying, "Geeze, I taught her how
to do that!"

Now, I only get nervous around peers/nobility that I don't know, and that's
more a fear of strangers than the fact that they are peers. (I think).


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