Peer Fear

Nancy Wederstrandt nweders at
Wed Dec 18 06:50:00 PST 1996

        I don't know if this counts but back in the early days when we were
part of Atenveldt, this part of the Olde Kingdom never saw any Crowns....
Well the second year I was in  what is now Bjornsborg was hosting Tourney
of the Lost Lands and the King was coming.  All of us little people were
instructed to not address the Crown directly unless he spoke to us first,
never meet his eys, bow or curtsey when he approached, etc, etc, etc....
Needless to say we were all terrified to be anywhere close to him and if we
saw him coming we would run and hide behind trees and such.  A year or so
later when I talked to him, Poncho said he had a great time at the event
but he couldn't figure it out why no one liked him... It took a long time
and a Great Problem to get the early Bjornborgers over there fear of the
Crown and peers.

        I have been the victim of people's fear because I'm a peer.  Many
times I don't tell people who and what I am, get to be friends with them,
only to have them come over later and say .. "Gosh, if I'd known you were a
peer and or a noble I never would have talked to you."  I've also have
people dislike me solely because I am a peer and noble (I guess, a bad case
of Peer envy).  I tend to be very relaxed about my status I think because I
have been a peer for so very long.  Newer peers are more aware of their
status because it is new to them.

Sorry I went on so long,
                CR St. John

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