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Wed Dec 18 12:41:23 PST 1996

I know it's been a long time since we were on this topic, but several 
people asked me to let them know when new sources became available
for citing electronic resources.  I figured there might be a few 
SCA researchers out there who would be interested, as well.

It is the SECOND EDITION of the book "Electronic styles:  a 
handbook for citing electronic information"  by Xia Li and 
Nancy B. Crane.  
ISBN:  157387-027-7

It is a revised version of the first edition, which did not include 
how to document electronic resources.  Be sure if you are looking to 
purchase this book that you match the ISBN number or check the title 
page for the words "Second Edition" and the 1996 copyright date.

The new version includes citation formats in both APA and MLA styles 
and bases its largely on the new draft standards from the International 
Organization for Standardization.

- Kat 

Bs. Katrionna MacLochlainn
Barony of Wiesenfeuer

Lori Jones
Oklahoma School of Science and Mathematics - Library

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