Peer Fear

E.Preston III & Shelly K Walker wf3 at
Wed Dec 18 14:59:24 PST 1996

Well, I guess I was lucky. When I joined the SCA only 4 years ago!
<baby comments here> I was fortunate enough to catch a laurel I knew
mundanely being invested. Or risen, or what ever you call it. She
quickly informed me I was to call her nothing else but her name. 
  Now certainly there are nobility and such that I'm very tongue-tied
around, and ones I wish I could just casually talk to because I admire
them. But, because I can't find anything *important enough* to start a
conversation with, I tend to hide in the background and keep quite.
  Do I think many peers encourage the *stuffier than thou* attitude, no.
Those that do aren't worth my time and aren't the ones I admire anyway.
Britta the Red

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