vigil or not?

dentim at dentim at
Thu Dec 19 00:25:06 PST 1996

>I am being elevated to a Pelican at Bonwicke's 12th Night.  I would like 
>to have a vigil, but I believe that vigils are really for knights.  So, I 
>am having a tea which I hope will be a lot less serious than a vigil.  If 
>you get a chance to come to Bonwicke, please consider yourself invited.  
>Marthe de Blenkinsop 
First off, congratulations!!! VIVAT!  secondly, If y'all will forgive a
newbee question, but what is a vigil? I have an image of the soon-to-be-peer
off in a dark castle or deep forest in meditation over their advancement.
Sort of like Jesus in the desert. Faceing  down their temptations and human
weaknesses to emerge calm, cool and collected.  
What is the SCa's version of a vigil? what traditions have evolved around this?


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