vigil or not?

Martha Lee Nichols mnichols at
Thu Dec 19 12:49:46 PST 1996

Thank you one and all for your congratulations.  The tea will be 1pm ish 
Saturday the 11th of Jan. at the Bonwicke 12th Nite site.  Please come.

On Thu, 19 Dec 1996, Larkin O'Kane wrote:

> On 18 Dec 96 22:51 , Martha Lee Nichols wrote:
> > I am being elevated to a Pelican at Bonwicke's 12th Night.  I would
> > like to have a vigil, but I believe that vigils are really for
> > knights.  So, I am having a tea which I hope will be a lot less
> > serious than a vigil.  If you get a chance to come to Bonwicke,
> > please consider yourself invited.  Marthe de Blenkinsop 
> > 
> When and where will the tea be held, your excelency? 
> Larkin
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