vigil or not?

Martha Lee Nichols mnichols at
Thu Dec 19 15:55:03 PST 1996

I have never been a protege nor have I in any way sought to become a 
Pelican.  I did sort of fret about getting my AoA.  However, I was always 
quite happy being a Lady and never thought I would advance much above 
that.  You see, I have always been a member in an outlying area that was 
chiefly ignored.  What I have done is to always act in the best interest 
of my shire and the SCA in general.  I have worked hard and stayed out of 
the Grapevine Guild.  Everywhere I move, there is a shire that is 
comprised of 50% newbies because the activity level increases whenever 
someone "gung-ho" moves in, and because my best friend is Ms Regina (the 
recruiter from hell).  So, there is the constant battle of trying to 
garb, train, and encourage these new people.  Michael, just do what is 
right and honorable, and eventually the right people notice. I don't know 
what else to say.  Thanks for the congratulations.

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