vigil or not?

Nancy Wederstrandt nweders at
Fri Dec 20 07:14:11 PST 1996

What Marthe said is very true.  The best way of getting a Peerage is by doing
"what is right and honorable, and eventually the right people notice."  I
have always tried to follow this, sometimes with better success than
others.  Most of the Peers that I really respect and admire, - "look up to"
-  are the People that try to follow that rule. Marthe served in various
officers, enncouraged the development of the Arts and Sciences in her very
unappreciated area.  All with grace, good humour and a strong desire to
help.  I was very happy at Laurel's Prize Tourney when it was announced,
because she is a valuable and intrinsic person in the SCA.  Would that all
the Peers and Nobles be the same.

Gosh, I guess I'm on a soapbox today...

CR St. John

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