Why Drumming Kills a Bardic Circle

Matthew R. Popalisky mpopali at comp.uark.edu
Sat Dec 21 07:08:09 PST 1996

On Sat, 21 Dec 1996, DEIDRA L GOUGH wrote:

> I did, however, just figure out why there are so few Middle Eastern
> Dancers in this Kingdom, what with the reception I've seen here today.
I will admit to being in a different kingdom right off the bat.

Not only am I a musician, but I have studied various forms of dance for
much, much longer.  How easy is it to find a non-cabaret teacher?  When I
had the cash to study, my teacher was happily cabaret, as she and most of
her troupe didn't like most period costume (though they did like some of
the choereography).  To give Teri her due, she was very willing to help me
make period stuff, but on my first set (gwhazie coat), I quickly realised
that while I had the right idea, I had the modern cabaret version (yes,
after that I did try to research, but it's hard enough to find Occidental
resources around here, Eastern is nigh impossible.  This was before we
were net-connected). I am reluctant to go further in this area until I can
study with someone who is doing period dance styles and get some help with
the resource.  Better to do it right first than have to relearn (!).


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