Christmas Fun

Stacy A Blevins ariana-s_zoo at
Sat Dec 21 07:37:05 PST 1996

I found this in the school district's weekly news paper & thought that
you might enjoy them.

Christmas Carol Vocabulary Brain Teaser
During this festive season we all begin humming our favorite Christmas
songs. Most of the following songs are well-loved carols and have been
around for a long time.  However, would these songs be recognizable under
different titles?
How many Christmas carols can you identify?

Endothermic Quadraped with Vermillion Proboscis
Father Christmas en route to borough
Frozen Precipitation Commence
Endocarps Vesticated in a Conflagration
The Dozen Festive 24-Hour Intervals
Loyal Followers Advance
Colorless Yuletide
Nocturnal Noiselessness
Small City in Judea
Initial Christmas
Delight For The Planet
Array The Corridors

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