Gold Lame'

Nathan Jones njones at
Mon Dec 23 22:33:36 PST 1996

Greeting from Gio!

Jovian Skleros wrote:
>I couldn't let it die peacefully, I'm sorry. From what I have been 
>able to glean from my research gold lame' and cloth of gold look 
>strikingly similar. 


[bits describing types of fabric called gold lamè snipped]

Cool!  Thanks for that bit of knowledge.  I agree that the metallic 
thread/rayon blend sounds an awful lot like period cloth of gold.  
(except the metallic thread used now is mostly plastic, can't really 
expect them to use drawn gold thread.  Dang it!)

>pictures of Greek Orthodox clergy that I have seen (National 
>Geographic May 1964, and the National Geographic 100 Years book) both 
>show patriarchs dressed in vestments that haven't changed much since 
>the Empire was at it's height. These pictures show good examples of 
>cloth of gold stripes on the robes.

This is a very cool source, and one that never occurred to me!  Mostly 
what I was going by was written stuff (don't ask me to document, I 
don't want to do research during christmas! *grin*), and by paintings.  
And in lots of the paintings, the "cloth-of-gold" is gold leaf.  Rich 
looking, but not that great when you want details.  I wonder, did any 
of the early Ren Dutch paint cloth of gold?  I'll have to look into 
that later.  

One of the advantages of having done the research is that you can buy 
gold lamè as an informed shopper.  You know what to look for, and what 
to avoid.  My thanks for sharing some of the knowledge!

Warmest Regards in this Cold, Cold Season!


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