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Thu Dec 26 10:39:56 PST 1996

> Greetings!
> Her Excellency wrote..
> >I'm curious:  is there anyone out there reading this now who has or
> >had a genuine bottomline case of peer fear?  What is the dialogue
> >that runs through your head as to why you cannot approach someone
> >with a peerage to ask them a question or favor or for assistance,
> >even if they are the person best qualified to offer it?
> >
> >Countess Berengaria de Montfort de Carcassonne, OP
> >
> >
> Hmmmmm. That's a tough one. I've been playing for only about a year,
> so the thought of me walking up to Duke so-n-so and asking his
> advice on oh, footwork or some such makes me want to cringe. The
> group I play with has a Knight and a Laurel who are very active
> (it's a small barony),and I talk to them all the time. I guess
> that's a little different, since we're on a first name basis and see
> each other (almost) every week. Both are great people who are most
> willing to help me or answer questions I might have. I've meet some
> other Knights (I'm a heavy fighter) who now know me by name, but I
> don't feel very comfortable just striking up a converstion with one.
> This is'nt their fault. I guess I'm a little shy. Sometimes the SCA
> seems like a grade school with the Peers as the teachers and us
> little tykes the students.(hey, I like that!) It's just easier to
> talk to your peers (little p) who only have an AOA or maybe a H.L.,
> than someone you know only by a big reputation.
It seems that being on the fighting field together gives you more 
common ground with these Dukes, however.

I find that, as a peer who still usually kicks off the "putting away
the chairs and tables" phase of the evening, I get my best oppor-
tunities to talk to people while working clean up.  Somehow aprons
and dustmops are great levellers.

Countess Berengaria de Montfort de Carcassonne, OP
Barony of Caerthe
Kingdom of the Outlands

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