Shy and in the SCA

Jeanne C. Stapleton jstaplet at
Thu Dec 26 11:23:49 PST 1996

> I have been following the dicussion on Peer Fear and Shyness with
> interest. I was in awe of the Crown when I first got in... but
> almost immediately (in the first five or six years) I found that
> most of my close friends either were peers or became peers, so I
> never had a chance to develop Peer Fear. Nonetheless, I always
> respected them.  The knights were highly visible, and made lots of
> noise and dust.  The Pelicans were off somewhere in the background
> doing Pelican-things and making events run.  But I REALLY admired
> the Laurels, for it was explained to me early that without their
> artistic talents, much of the magic I saw around me would simply not
> exist.  I try to remember how *I* felt about Laurels because of this
> now that I are one.
I don't know a whole lot of background Pelicans, personally...some,
not a lot.  Most of the ones I know are fairly out front.  I do have 
a great deal of admiration for the Laurels, and I think you expressed
it admirably, Gunnora.
(Or do you prefer "Mistress Gunnora", as we have not met?  :-)))

> As for shyness, I was terribly shy when I got into the SCA.  No! 
> You over there!  I SAW you snickering!  It's true!  I was a quiet,
> reserved shy little Catholic girl who missed being a Benedictine nun
> in a cloisetered order under the Rule of Silence by about <---> that
> much.  I knew that I was shy, so when I developed my persona, I made
> Gunnora all the things that I wasn't... strong, outspoken, not
> afraid to speak her mind, a fighter.  And you know, over the years,
> I accidentally grew into that person.  If you hadn't known me back
> then, you'd never guess now.  But the truth is, in certain ways, I
> am still shy.  You almost have to live with me to realize how much.
It's true, sometimes we grow into the persona we create.

> Aside from the SCA, the best thing I ever did to get over my shyness
> was Toastmasters, which I highly reccommend.
I've heard this,t oo, although never tried Toastmasters.

Is it anything like Bassmasters?  :-)
Countess Berengaria de Montfort de Carcassonne, OP
Barony of Caerthe
Kingdom of the Outlands

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