rattan bow construction article

Marc D McKeeman marcusmac at juno.com
Thu Dec 26 17:02:22 PST 1996

>> I have received an article on how to make a bow from rattan.  If you
>> would like a copy by email please let me know.
>> If you would like to be added to my email list for the current IKAC
>> standings and other information of interest to target and combat 
>> please send me your: name, kingdom and email address.

>Please add myself to your list, if your post was an open invite, I am
new to the SCAs form of archery, any and all info would be greatly

H.L. Marcus McKeon of Clan McKeeman

marc mckeeman, 2619 26th st, Lubbock tx, 79410 
marcusmac at juno.com

Thank you for your time

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