Shy and in the SCA

Marc D McKeeman marcusmac at
Thu Dec 26 20:29:36 PST 1996

>Is it anything like Bassmasters?  :-

To a degree it is for you must be able to address the fish.<G>

>Countess Berengaria de Montfort de Carcassonne, OP
>Barony of Caerthe
>Kingdom of the Outlands
Your excellency, Greetings.  From H.L. Marcus McKeon of Clan McKeeman,
cadet to Don Oengus of the Graymist,   I was invited to attend an event
in Roswell, on the 1st of february.  I am trying to gather any pertannant
info, ie.  where, site fee, and someone I can talk to.  Any help will be
greatly appreciated.      Thank you very much.

In service to The DREAM,   Marcus,  my e-mail address is 
marcusmac at

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