peer fear

Casey Weed nextristan at
Fri Dec 27 18:42:59 PST 1996

Mistress Siobhan wrote:
>First, many thanks to Countess Berengaria for starting such an interesting

>An approach that the household I was "brung up in" in Meridies had an
>excellent method:  The various associates in the household (who were
>presumably less intimidating the the peers who headed it) were sent out to
>find one or two unattached, new souls and invite them to eat with the
>household.  I've always wanted to adopt the tradition myself, but my
>apprentices terminally overcommit and rarely sit down through a feast.
> Please, anyone interested feel free to swipe the idea.
>Best wishes to all for a wonderful new year!
>Mistress Siobhan

Meine Dame,

Great idea!  Consider it duly swiped.  I'll pass it on, too.  My wife makes
a habit of inviting some of the single soldiers we know who enjoy our game
along  so that can be a way for _them_ to make new friends too.  Although
they love it and feel comfortable with us, I've noticed that they have a
slight case of p.f. and this sure sounds like a nice 'in' for them with
others who may feel the same.  Hopefully shy people get along well with
other shy people.

Guten abend,


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