rattan bow construction

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Greetings unto Marcus,

>Please add myself to your list, if your post was an open invite, I am
>new to the SCAs form of archery, any and all info would be greatly

You might also be interested in looking at some of the SCA archery
related files in my SCA Rialto Files:
arch-shoots-msg   (23K) 12/20/95    Different types of archery shoots.
arch-supplies-msg (18K) 10/28/94    Archery supplies and merchants.
archery-books-msg  (9K)  6/ 6/96    Books on archery. Book reviews.
archery-SCA-msg   (32K)  1/ 2/96    Archery rules in the SCA. Archery ranks.
archery-msg       (81K)  1/ 2/96    Modern traditional archery. Techniques.
arrows-msg        (45K) 12/ 6/96    Period arrows, making arrows.
bow-making-msg    (50K) 10/ 4/96    Making archery bows.
C-A-handbook-art (108K) 10/29/96    Sir Jon's Combat Archery Handbook.
c-archery-msg     (41K)  3/11/96    Combat archery in the SCA.
crossbows-msg     (27K) 12/ 5/96    Period and SCA crossbows.
IKAC-pd-msg       (14K) 10/11/94    Rules of new IKAC period division.
p-archery-msg     (50K)  1/ 2/96    Period archery and equipment.
quivers-msg       (18K)  2/ 9/95    Period and SCA quivers.
royrnd            (14K)  1/24/95    Rules for Royal Round. (Atenveldt).

ARCHERY-FAQ  Selected FAQs written by Bill Blohm <bblohm at boi.hp.com>
archery-FAQ        (9K) 12/ 4/96    Intro. and T. of C. for Archery FAQs.
arch-hist-FAQ     (36K) 12/ 5/96    History of archery.
clout-shoot-FAQ   (14K) 12/ 4/96    Clout shooting in and outside the SCA.
construct-FAQ     (50K) 12/13/96    Construction of self bows and longbows.
crossbow-FAQ      (54K)  9/ 6/96    Crossbow history, definitions,
serving-FAQ        (9K) 12/ 5/96    Repairing and replacing your bowstring 
string-mak-FAQ    (41K) 12/ 6/96    Making and serving your own bowstring.

These files are available from me by email in text or Word format or
at this Web site:

Stefan li Rous
markh at risc.sps.mot.com

>H.L. Marcus McKeon of Clan McKeeman

>marc mckeeman, 2619 26th st, Lubbock tx, 79410 
>marcusmac at juno.com

Thank you for your time

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