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Sat Dec 28 10:21:01 PST 1996

E.Preston III & Shelly K Walker wrote:
> MOHO, a lot of this boils down to appropriate timing. One gentle, in the
> attempt to rid himself of the dreaded peer fear, decides to approach the
> first brass hat, no matter what. In doing so he interrupts an important
> conversation and thereby annoys the peer.
> Yes, this is one senario.
> I've also noticed most of these posts deal with the idea that the novice
> gentle must always be the initiator in conversation. Why can't a peer
> approach shy looking gentle with some type of compliment on their garb
> or something. Seems to me that would be the ideal SCA welcome type!
> Britta the Red

An excellent point.  While I have long ago conquered the shyness which
still plagues some of the peers on this list, I do still have problems
with it.  But I didn't let it stop me, recently at a small A&S event
where I was teaching a class on basic armorial design, from calling over
two people who were sitting around looking bored to sit in on my class.
I had met them earlier, they were family members of a local officer,
attending their first event.  I just called across the room, saying
"you two over there!  Quit looking so bored and come over and listen 
to this!"  Afterwards, they both told me that they had quite enjoyed the 
class, and I noticed their enjoyment of the whole event seemed elevated
thereafter.  I think it was the moment when they figured out that the
SCA really can be fun.

It doesn't take a peer to do this, just a bit of courage.

- Galen

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