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Connie Carroll Connie.Carroll at
Sat Dec 28 18:05:09 PST 1996

This has been an interesting thread,but let's take it another way.It 
seems that most people are ready to say,oh I'm shy, I can't talk to a 
peer.Did you ever think that there are some peers that feel the same 

We put our shoes and socks on the same way most everyone else 
does.We're nothing special,except we have the hats and the titles.
I know I'm going to get flamed about this,but I can say this about 

I have been a  Viscountess since 1977, a Countess since 1978 and a 
Pelican since 1984 and I've never thought of myself as better than 
anyone.For anyone who says that I hang out with peers,hell, I 
elevated a lot of them in Meridies when I was on the throne!!They are 
long time friends.

Most people who do know me have met me on a Friday nite,didn't know 
who I was since I don't wear my coronet or medallions that night.Some 
of the best friends I have I've met that way.I've also gone to events 
and heard some awful things about 'that bitch Kassandra' from people 
who didn't even know me. This past Gulf Wars I finally lost my 
temper,grabbed the guy saying  that after he found out who I was and made 
him repeat it to the other party he included in his story.That other 
person was Duke Sir John the Bearkiller, known to many of you.He was I 
hope able to straighten this guy out,but I still expect to run into 
this type of situation again in the future.

I guess what I'm trying to say is there is both sides to this fence, 
yes, there are some peers I feel I can't approach at times, but the 
moment will sooner or later arise,just takes patenice. I've rarely 
meet a peer that was so unapproachable you needed a embossed 
invitation. Find out their interests if you really want to talk to 
them,if you want to met them,get a friend to help you. I've been asked 
to do just that and I don't mind at all. Heck, get me in a good mood and a 
good drink and I'll approach anyone!

If anyone takes offense at this,sorry,but it's something I had to get 
off my chest.

Countess Kassandra NickKraken,Pel
1st Queen of Meridies
Baroness Bunny Babe

Connie.Bunny at

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