Clan Yellow Feather!

dennis grace amazing at
Mon Dec 30 15:07:28 PST 1996

Britta wrote:
>But how about us that get shy only at really odd times...such as being
>noticed in a crowd, or called to court.
>Britta the Red

Well, I suppose you could wear an orange feather, you know, something in
between yellow and red, or you could wear varying combinations of yellow and
red feathers (three red and one yellow if shy only rarely, or one red and
three yellow if you tend to be more retiring) to better personalize your
standardized feather-festooned fashion statement.  

Of course, this thread will inevitably (see, I'm just now doing it) bring up
the question of wearing whole birds.  Teeheeheeheeheehee! ;-> 

(forgive me, just couldn't help myself)

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